HD Embossed

HD 1-Panel High Definition 1-Panel Embossed Doors

The Fleming HD 1-Panel Door features a distinct high definition embossed design. This design makes a grand impression and adds elegance and sophistication to any room or entrance. Underneath the exterior skins is an energy efficient polystyrene core making this door an important solution to today’s building requirements. Design, durability, and energy efficiency makes the Fleming HD 1-Panel door a cost effective alternative to stile and rail wood doors.

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PLEASE NOTE: Mortise lock preparation not available on doors under 3’0” wide.  

 HD 2-Panel High Definition 2-Panel Embossed Doors

The Fleming HD 2-Panel Doors feature a distinct high definitionembossed surface and are offered in three architectural designs:2-Panel, Arch Top 2-Panel and Plank Arch Top 2-Panel.

Download HD 2-Panel sell sheet

PLEASE NOTE: Mortise lock preparation not available on doors under 3’0” wide.

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