Energy Efficient (Trio-E)


Increase Building Energy Efficiency In Any Weather Condition.

With energy prices continually increasing and commercial buildings consuming almost 40% of energy usage in North America, Fleming Door remains committed to providing maximum thermal resistant solutions.The new Trio-E door is steel stiffened for strength, but has achieved an operable U Factor of 0.29 which is 50% better than other steel stiffened doors currently available on the market today. Many building owners spend millions of dollars a year on energy bills and the Trio-E represents a chance for them to realize significant savings on a new or retrofit project. 


  • Lowest operable U-Factor in the industry for a steel stiffened door (U Factor .29)
  • High recycled steel content for LEED points up to 57.1%


  • Steel stiffened core for added strength and durability
  • 30% less thermal bow than most polyurethane foam core doors


  • No vertical weld marks on door face sheets so aesthetically pleasing gloss paint can be applied
  • Many door designs and prefinish color options available