Fleming Doors Now Certified Through GreenGuard



Young children have many obstacles to avoid on the road to becoming a healthy adult. Staying active and eating healthy is one part of the answer.

Another major aspect is to make sure children are in a healthy environment. Parents take great care in making sure the home is clean and safe from unhealthy toxins. As manufacturers, we have a responsibility to make sure schools are also considered a safe haven from contagions. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from paints and coatings, formaldehyde from wood products, and phthalates from adhesives are some of the types of air pollution that can be
found in building materials.

FLEMING Door Products has taken the steps to insure the doors and frames we manufacture help keep the atmosphere for buildings free from chemicals that can harm developing young bodies. FLEMING doors have been tested and certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute to meet the criteria of their Children and Schools Certification Program. GREENGUARD is nationally recognized for helping improve indoor air quality in buildings.

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