Bullet Resistant Doors and Frames

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Fortified with ballistic armor that meets or exceeds UL requirements, our bullet resistant doors and frames provide the best protection for threat levels 1 through 10. These openings are designed and built to resist a projectile at maximum velocity. Added benefits are long-term strength and durability, and maximum corrosion resistance.

Custom engineering allows aesthetic choices to be combined with technical requirements including solid wood doors, wood veneer over steel, and glazing options.

  • Made with a proprietary ballistic core
  • Certified and third-party tested in accordance with UL752 and NIJ standards
  • Bullet protection ratings for UL752 levels 1-10 (levels 1-3 handguns, levels 4-10 rifles)
  • Available with welded seamless door edge
  • Level 1-8 bullet resistant glazing available in multiple sizes including full glass
  • Fire rated assemblies tested to UL 10C are available
  • UL 752 levels 4–8 wood doors available
  • Bullet resistant door louvers available


Bullet Resistant Promotional Sheet

Bullet Resistant Infographic

Cut Sheets

Bullet Resistant Cut Sheet - DWG

Bullet Resistant Cut Sheet - PDF