Behavioral Healthcare


Patient Room Access Solution

The Patient Room Access Door has the security and dependability required for healthcare facilities, yet is beautiful enough for healing environments. Intended to give caretakers or authorized person access to patient's room in case of an emergency and maintain the security needed for the facility.

The main door has the functionality of a standard in swing patient room door. The inner door can open to the corridor giving authorized personnel quick access to the patient's room. Patient safety is a key feature in the design of the door. 

You can order the complete assembly as a H door on the Fleming order form. In special instructions write Behavioral Health - PRA. Select and fill out the special Behavioral Healthcare Patient Room Access Door elevation form. This can be found in the Partner area of the FLEMING website. Two different forms are provided for each type of door design (Walk Through or Step Through). The form will include all sizing and hardware information.

Behavioral Health products from Fleming Door are available for purchase in the Canadian market only.